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Team coaching

Training and coaching for managers who want to accomplish even better results with their team, and who value a good work climate.

Why team coaching and team training

Some teams always get the best results and other teams can’t seem to get beyond average. Tension within a team often manifests itself during times of change. It can lead to unworkable situations and a disappointing level of performance. As a manager, your coaching determines greatly how your team members (co)operate. This kind of responsibility puts managers under a lot of pressure and can make them a bit unsure of themselves.

Together with your team

Team coaching helps you to be a better manager. During these sessions I support you in your role as supervisor and coach. This way, your team will find their common ground and start reaching goals together.

This is what you can expect of team training and team coaching

Considering the fact that working with people is always “a work in progress”, these are the goals we work to achieve. You coach your team towards a common goal. Every member of the team now has the role that fits them like a glove and puts their talents to good use. They have gotten to know each other, appreciate each other, and they’ve learned how to communicate in a constructive way. They learn to resolve possible misunderstandings or tensions amongst themselves. As a result, the team works better together and shows better results.

Examples of themes I have worked on with my clients:

  • Your team consists of talented professionals. What if they would only work together? One of them repeatedly spoils the atmosphere which makes the energy of other willing team members go to waste. What can you do to create a positive and creative work climate?
  • Some of your team members can be quite predominant. Others are being excluded and can feel left behind when it comes to the better projects or positions. How will you get everybody in the right spot?
  • The board announces a major reorganization that will also impact your team or department. Can you get your people on board?
  • Your team is lined up for a huge project. The cooperation, however, is not ideal. Somehow you can’t figure out what is wrong and it drives you to madness. How can you enable your team members to successfully resolve such issues by themselves?

More information

Perhaps something else is the matter in your team. Very well possible! No two teams, companies or managers are the same. Just let me know and I will be more than happy to look into the possibilities –together with you− for a program tailored to your needs. Contact me through  or call me at 0031 6 2509 6639.