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Presentation coaching

Training and coaching for managers and professionals who want to use their vision to involve others on their mission.

Why presentation coaching

Great responsibilities rest on the shoulders of most managers. Especially when it comes to far-reaching organizational changes or a change in company policy. Your task as a manager is to keep everybody motivated. Or you could persuade the board to look into your alternative plan …

As a professional you are aware that a good presentation enhances your career perspective. You give presentations because you have something to say. How can you keep your audience interested and actively involved, even when you are discussing complicated topics? How do you make sure that your story becomes ‘top of mind’? And all of this, while you are enjoying to present yourself.

You have the vision and the ideas. But will you get everybody on board?

This is what you can expect from presentation coaching

You will learn how to create momentum which helps you to make your point. In a relaxed way you will increase your influence with your audience.

Examples of themes I have worked on with my clients:

  • Your plan is all lined out, you only have to present it to the board. The future of your department is at stake. How do you make sure that you will not fail to convince the board?
  • You want to implement an important change that will save your department a lot of money. However, the management team does not want to hear of it. How can you introduce your plans in such a way that it triggers a cooperative flow?
  • You have held presentations on many occasions but never before an audience of three hundred listeners … What can help you to also make it work this time?
  • You have a good plan but it differs from company policy. How can you convince the main board that your plan is a practical solution that will better suit the Dutch market?

More information

Perhaps something else is the case in your situation. Very well possible, no two presenters are the same. Just let me know and I will be more than happy to  look into the possibilities –together with you− for a program tailored to your needs. Contact me through  or call me at 0031 6 2509 6639.