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Marieke de Boer

Coach and trainer

Marieke de Boer supports experienced managers who want to reinforce their leadership. As a senior manager you can run into complex situations that challenge you beyond your scope. Marieke de Boer is an experienced coach and trainer who can be your sparring partner on such occasions. Just to help you get a good grip on the situation and to develop new insights, scenarios and solutions.

Together with you she knows how to deploy an alternative and perhaps even unconventional perspective that allows you to deliver the best results. Often, this out-of-the-box thinking accelerates an unexpected working solution.


“I often see that my clients have forgotten how to be in the moment. They keep their eyes completely on the future, they become absorbed by others, other opinions, other interests, and lose themselves in the delusions of the day. As a result, they are out of touch with what they want to accomplish for themselves and for their organization. Problems linger on and the manager can’t seem to get a firm grip on the situation. However, if they do see what’s wrong, it has gotten so out of hand that the situation becomes too complicated to deal with effectively. They end up in some sort of survival mode which costs a huge amount of energy.

In my coaching and training I work with what is happening right now. I tell you what I see. The things you deal with at work and in your life, also emerge in our interaction. For example: I see that you make yourself taller or smaller when you try to convince me, or when you talk about your team. What does that behavior indicate about you and your work? And how can you change this, if necessary?

My company name @Present also refers to the here and now: what are you doing at the moment, what is going on in your organization, and what is dominating your business? Moreover, how are we going to deal with all of that, today?”

We look at your personality, your behavior, and your surroundings. And more.

“You can deal with problems at different levels: you as a person, your behavior in relation to others, the surroundings in which you function and the level whereat everything comes together. You can wonder, for example,  why you can’t get some things to work properly, regardless of your efforts and talents. Perhaps you’re trying to be patient, but is the pressure getting in your way… That’s the personal level.

The next level touches upon the way you act in relationship to others. How do you communicate, what is your message? You can ask yourself if this is going well for you and if you are convincing enough to get the right message across to your team?

Your surroundings are also of great importance. We all move around in systems that influence our being and our behavior, more often unconscious than conscious. It could be your family background that determines the way you respond to certain situations. Or it could be the corporate culture that makes things go the way they go. This is the third level at which we all live and work together.”

This is how I work

“In my coaching and training we zoom in on all of these levels and the spaces in between. As a result you will experience new insights and a whole new freedom of choices. We’ll put your current behavior, your  paradigms and your environment into perspective. When you see the connection between them, you know which steps you need to take next. You feel empowered to break away from your normal conduct and change your outlook on any situation.

In my coaching and training I use different methods which I amalgamate into a unique work mode. An important component is my theater background. Here I got a well-trained eye for non-verbal communication which helps me to create a body and mind experience.”

Co-creation – wonderful!

“I absolutely love to work together with my client and other coaches/trainers, an assessment bureau and a headhunter from my extensive network to design tailored solutions for complex organizational challenges.”

Marieke de Boer educational background

  • NSG (Amsterdam) – Gestalt training
  • Rino NH (Amsterdam) – workshops Consulting to the system as whole
  • IAS International (Haarlem) – post academic education for senior trainers, consultant and coaches; integrated approach to organizational transitions
  • Quantum Institute (California) – Quantum psychology, approaches for introspection in Western and Eastern philosophical traditions, quantum physics, neurology and linguistics
  • ITH (Amsterdam), BGL & Partners (Hoofddorp), IEP (Nijmegen) − Practitioner and Master Practitioner NLP, NLP way of thinking
  • De Baak Management Studiecentrum VNO-NCW (Noordwijk) – post academic education trainer/educator
  •  School for the Arts (Utrecht) – Department of theater and drama

Contact me through  or call me at
0031 6 2509 6639