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Leadership coaching

Training and coaching for managers who want to become influential leaders

Why leadership coaching

Some manager feel they fall short all the time. They feel pressured to succeed by the people around them. But they can’t seem to apply their talents to the fullest and to achieve what they want to achieve. Others feel a bit lost in their current position but are afraid to make the wrong move, so they’ve settled for less.

Managers can make the difference

Managing is more than getting through the busy work day. When you want to create something new and you need to make your people hop on board, you have to know how to be a leader. That means you need to show good leadership to others ànd to yourself. Only then you can make the difference.

Your leadership is primarily determined by your personal history. This also influence the way you interact with others and if you succeed to inspire them. Self-knowledge and introspection are indispensable tools for a good leader.

This is what you can expect from leadership coaching

You have a better focus on your role as a leading manager. You adapt your leadership style to your strengths and weaknesses. You have integrated your personal themes into your life. You will successfully increase your influence, both inside and outside of your department or organization

 Examples of themes I have worked on with my clients:

  • You have a hard time balancing your work with your personal life. How do you prevent your personal issues to come to work with you and vice versa?
  • You have to be the messenger of bad news. What is the best way to do this without jeopardizing the good work climate. And how to deal with a team member who doesn’t take the news very well?
  • You find it difficult to praise your team members for their good work. How can you show your sincere interest without losing yourself in the process?
  • You want to involve your people more when strategies are being developed. How can you motivate them to join in and how can you make the professionals in your team enjoy themselves while doing so?
  • You have been the manager of a certain department for quite a while now. But how can you figure out if it is time to look for something else?
  • You want to please everybody and you never say ‘no’ to anything. How can you leave this side of you behind and become a sovereign leader?

More information

Perhaps something else is the case in your situation. Very well possible, no two managers are the same. Just let me know and I will be more than happy to  look into the possibilities –together with you− for a program tailored to your needs. Contact me through  or call me at 0031 6 2509 6639.