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Are you an over busy manager who would much rather be a real leader?

  • Are you in the game for the best results with your team? Even when the going gets tough and the responsibilities weigh heavily on your shoulders?
  • Are you in for change? If only you could stop doubting yourself …
  • Are you in for more power? Are you ready for more influence with your co-workers and the board of directors, but you’re not sure whether you can be compelling and persuasive enough?

Managers often have no idea how much impact they truly have

How your department or company functions, depends greatly on your attitude and behavior. You hold the key to successful changes, with regard to complex organizational transitions as well as to personal growth.

Be your own leader, and lead others

Do you really want to create change and find support along the way? Do you want to make a difference within the organization and on the outside? Then you must be able to coach the people around you, enhance your leadership skills and present your ideas convincingly, both inside and outside the organization.


@Present guides you through common situations that may pose a struggle for many managers. With my training and coaching you can become an effective leader, with a firm vision of your own, who can get everyone on board, even when you’re up against the tides.

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