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The clients with whom I have worked are managers and directors of big corporations and organizations, i.e. multinationals, banks, universities and government. Often well educated people, men and women in their thirties up to fifties. In the prime of their lives and often in the midst of a successful career.

Managers en directors

  • who would like to be more supportive of their own people,
  • present themselves in a convincing way,
  • and who want to elaborate on previous leadership experiences.

My clients carry responsibility

Typical of these managers is that they are in positions with lots of responsibilities. The way they function has an impact on the entire organization. And they know they are the critical factor to success: the more they become an inspiring leader, the more people will jump on board and this determines whether they can truly make a difference.

They are at cross roads

Often they find themselves before complex organizational changes, i.e. mergers and restructuring. Sometimes they find themselves at a turning point in their life or in their career. Both situations create a need for reflection upon themselves and their position.

‘You always do so well’

They are men and women who are greatly appreciated for what they do, and the expectations keep piling up. However, self-doubt hits them over the head every now and then. Because they can’t get everything done the way they had hoped within their team, with colleagues or with the board. And when the tension rises, they fall back into old habits that weren’t helpful to begin with. This undermines their leadership and their persuasiveness at presentations and negotiations.

Some of my clients can get really stuck in such a situation. Even though they know what they want (and don’t want), they can’t seem to find the right focus to work on these issues

Stress and imbalance

Recognizable? It can feel as if you are under constant pressure and your life is out of balance.

Perhaps this hits home as well:

  • You are a fine manager and still you’re never pleased with yourself.
  • You often need to make far-reaching decisions that impact many other people.
  • You are under constant pressure to do the exact right thing.
  • You sometimes feel isolated between your own team, other departments, staff and board.
  • There is nobody YOU can talk to.

If any of the abovementioned applies to you, you will most certainly benefit from my training and coaching.

Now you know with whom I work together. Read here how my training and coaching can fulfill your learning goals at this moment.



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