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The role of the voice in online coaching

Are you a (team) coach or a trainer and do you work online with your clients? Perhaps you experienced that sometimes it is more difficult to establish a trusting relationship due to the lack of face-to-face contact. In this situation you need to work with less non-verbal cues, which increases the importance of the role of the voice. By varying your voice you are able to connect, to bring energy and show warmth and understanding. How? Marieke de Boer talks about it in the interview that Jude Tavanyar had with her for ICF Coaching World magazine. The article by Jude also gives you some concrete advices on how to establish a trusting relationship in online coaching.

artikelJude Tavanyar

Jude Tavanyar is a coach, trainer, writer and psychotherapist who has worked with senior leaders globally since 1996. She is an associate of Nomadic International Business Psychology, which provides virtual and face-to-face training and coaching on leadership and virtual facilitation.