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Blended coaching and training

@Present offers you 1-on-1 training and coaching regarding complicated themes that have made quite some managers feel pretty overwhelmed.  

Perhaps something else is the case in your situation. Very well possible, no two managers are the same. Just let me know and I will be more than happy to  look into the possibilities –together with you− for a program tailored to your needs.

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Leadership coaching
Training and coaching for managers who want to become influential leaders.

Team coaching
Training and coaching for managers who want to accomplish even better results with their team, and who value a good work climate.

Presentation coaching
Presentation coaching and training for managers who want to inspire others with their vision and get them along on their path.

Blended coaching
Blended coaching is coaching for people with too busy schedules: supported by online and offline coaching at crucial moments, new behavior will be directly embedded in your daily work and responsibilities.