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Higher results with blended coaching

Blended coaching is a mix of online and offline activities for the best results. Blended coaching combines the efficiency of learning in the workplace with intensive coaching at crucial moments, both face-to-face as well as through new media. Leadership coaching and team coaching can be tailored to your needs in a blended coaching package. And as of now, my presentation training is even available in a mix of online and offline learning: Blended Coaching Presentation.

Why blended coaching?

With blended coaching, we can create a package of online and offline coaching tailored to the needs and circumstances of your employees or groups of people in your organization, in combination with the results you wish to achieve. A perfect balance, which makes it very efficient, and truly personal to make it highly effective. Instead of a one-time boost in a training situation, blended coaching is available at the right time, live or through new media like chat, Skype, and web meetings. Newly learned behavior is embedded in the work situation through regular short exercises and (online) feedback from your colleagues and coach.

This is what you can expect of Presentation Coaching blended mix

You are confident about your presentations. You do great or just really well. Your presentations are professional and to the point. You know what you need to be prepared and you know how to engage your audience.

Examples of themes I have worked on with my clients

(1)    Individual coaching

  • You have to give a presentation to the top management team and you know they will be interrupting you all the time. In only a couple of online coaching sessions, you will feel prepared to deliver the most powerful presentation while ready to answer critical questions with elegance.
  • In your position, you’re expected to give presentations anywhere, anytime, but it’s not all that simple for you. In regular but short Skype sessions I help you build up your confidence and get a better grip on your presentations.

(2)    Team coaching

  • Your division would do better giving sparkling presentations that get the audience moving, but there is no time to send everybody off to a training. Blended in between work and training, without having to leave the workplace for days, your co-workers learn fresh new presentation styles.
  • Your employees are all over the country or all around the world and still you want them to use the same presentation style as a team. In a couple of web meetings, I lead you to a distinct signature presentation style that will make your team stand out.

(3)    Online video workbook

  • Learning new presentation styles at your own convenience: a yearlong access to a rich and varied online training that provides you with all the answers to your questions regarding presentations. With lots of examples, short video’s, exercises and suggestions. You learn how to engage with your audience, to build up your presentation in the best way, and to render your talk with confidence and ease.
  • The online video workbook is also available without coaching sessions.


Are your employees or are you ready to enhance your presentation style? And are you interested in blended coaching? Let’s see how we can tailor a package to Play256your needs in order for you to achieve your goals as quickly and effectively as possible. Contact me through  or call me at 0031 6 2509 6639.